May 27, 2018

Google now allows you to set Alexa as default assistant on Android

09 May 2018, 12:43 | Antonio Miles

Image Credit Petnet

Image Credit Petnet

Amazon and Microsoft announced a surprising partnership last fall, allowing the digital assistants for the two companies-Alexa and Cortana, respectively-to work together.

The world saw Alexa and Cortana work together for the first time today in a demo at Microsoft's Build conference being held May 7-9 in Seattle.

It is no secret that Amazon and Google are both competing to get your attention with smart-home speakers and their assistants. "By bringing Cortana to Alexa and Alexa to Cortana, we are adding more value and choice for consumers and developers alike", said a Microsoft spokesperson. And once you've pulled up Alexa it's worth noting that it won't be able to call up any maps or make calls for you so you'll mostly be using it to set alarms, send messages, make appointments and perform Google searches.

MICROSOFT HAS shown off its Cortana-Alexa integration for the first time, and in the cold light of day, it's a little bit cringy. Microsoft had originally not planned on creating a voice assistant device, but rather relying on the billions of existing Microsoft devices.

Are you planning to use Alexa as the default assistant on your Android device? Expounding into an Echo, Saunders appended an item into her shopping list through Alexa, and then asked Alexa to open Cortana.

Microsoft at Build 2018 finally revived its AI-based assistant, Cortana. "We both have experience with rings, although hers is more of a Halo".

Users on the Reddit thread have reported the option is available for a wide range of phones, but it is still uncertain if all recent Android phones with the latest updates are able to implement Alexa as their voice assistant. That being said, Amazon's Alexa can also be installed on an Android smartphone.

Instead of using the physical button to activate Alexa or Cortana, you can also activate them asking Google Assistant to do so.

Using Alexa on his Windows desktop, Taylor was able to arrange an Uber pick-up to go to a restaurant.

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