June 22, 2018

Source code of iPhone leaked, confirms Apple

11 February 2018, 05:05 | Sam Montgomery

Maricris Jose 3:49 PM

Maricris Jose
            		      3:49 PM

Earlier this week Vice's tech arm Motherboard reported that Apple's iOS source code was posted online via GitHub, a popular code hosting platform.

While the iOS 9 is not the iPhone's current software, that's the iOs 13, it's safe to assume that some bits of it are still the same.

Motherboard looked more into how the iOS source code was leaked.

Levin was also able to confirm that the source code is authentic.

Some are anxious the code could help iOS security researchers and the jailbreak community find new bugs and vulnerabilities in a key part of the iPhone's locked-down ecosystem, but Apple remains mostly at ease. Besides, it also ensures the device is running code that has been validated by Apple.

Some iOS source code got leaked at GitHub raising possible security or hacking concerns with devices now in use.

Apple, for its part, has downplayed the leak, saying the code is over three years old. The leaks feature a source code that could potentially expose iPhone devices to risks and hacking.

There's been a huge leak on the web today, which has put every iPhone on the market in danger in terms of security.

Apple recently began using Secure Enclave processors that ensure greater security and made jailbreaking nearly obsolete.

With a hack like this, anyone could bypass the security measures from Apple and unlock your phone with it. "There are many layers of hardware and software protections built into our products, and we always encourage customers to update to the newest software releases to benefit from the latest protections".

"If the documentation contains some crucial pieces - say file formats, interfaces or even Apple's fuzzing methodology - the impact could be even greater", he told TechNewsWorld.

The code indicated that it was taken from iOS 9 butt experts say there are portions of it that are still likely to be used in the newest operating system, iOS 11. They then shared the code with an increasing number of other coders until it eventually leaked on Reddit and was subsequently uploaded to Github by someone unknown to the original coterie of jailbreaking enthusiasts.

Apple has led a bug bounty program in the past, offering researchers up to $200k to expose vulnerabilities in the boot process - meaning this leak could be another opportunity to strengthen security, depending on who gets their hands on it.

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