June 19, 2018

The beta is here and these are the key features

07 February 2018, 01:33 | Antonio Miles

PS4 firmware 5.50 new features include library UI updates, Supersampling Mode, custom wallpapers, more

Upcoming Update Features PS4 Supersampling Mode

Finally, update 5.50 allows users to listen to music in the background while using PlayStation Now. These allowed assigned Family Managers to easily control what each individual child plays, watches and views online.

You can even set the system to automatically log out once the time comes to an end.

Setting custom wallpapers on PS4 used to require all kinds of hacks and workarounds.

This includes the ability to import images via USB and then modify pictures to get the ideal look.

Download them onto your PC (right-click and save), or click on download from our gallery, and place them directly onto your USB stick. Just go to Settings Themes Select Theme Custom Select Image USB Storage Device.

Customize Tournament Team Pages with your own team logo or background via USB imports. In addition to the new tabs, the "Hide apps" function will be added to the library that will hide certain applications (betas, trials, and demos) under the "Purchased" tab. When selected, the former will list all the applications installed on the overall system, while the latter will list the applications you purchased on your personal PSN ID. If your PS Plus membership has expired, a lock icon will appear next to the game showing that you'll be unable to play until you've re-subscribed to PS Plus.

PS Plus tab: It may not seem like a lot, but a new tab in the user's games library now sorts out which games have been acquired by the PlayStation Plus subscription. And if you were looking for custom audio loadouts, according to Sony, you'll be able to do this easily through the Headset Companion App.

The Quick Menu is being made, well, more quick to navigate in update 5.5 with the ability to access custom friends lists. This feature makes it easier to see what games have been purchased but not installed. When listening to Spotify on PlayStation Music, the Square buttons act as the shortcut for volume control. You can also now permanently remove old notifications from the PS4 as well.

Meanwhile, updates to the Quick Menu promise to help you more quickly access specific friends and control your music.

Last but not least, PS4 Pro users will see a new Supersampling Mode under Settings that will enable users without a 4K TV to get some of the same visual enhancements that those with 4K can enjoy. "Because PS4 Pro's added power and modes benefit different games in different ways, please note that certain games' image clarity may not improve with this new feature".

"Just go to Notifications and press the "triangle" or "OPTIONS" button to open up a menu that will allow you to select a single or multiple notifications you'd like to delete", reads a Sony post. You can still sign up here for a chance to participate.

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