June 22, 2018

Uma Thurman levels accusations against Harvey Weinstein, Quentin Tarantino

06 February 2018, 02:26 | Sheila Mcguire

Director Quentin Tarantino, actress Uma Thurman and Harvey Weinstein at the after-party for Kill Bill Vol. 2 in 2004

Director Quentin Tarantino, actress Uma Thurman and Harvey Weinstein at the after-party for Kill Bill Vol. 2 in 2004

Harvey Weinstein's attorney has responded to Uma Thurman's claims that his client sexually assaulted her in London not long after the 1994 release of Pulp Fiction, a film that Thurman starred in and Weinstein produced. "He did all kinds of unpleasant things", she told the newspaper.

"The complicated feeling I have about Harvey is how bad I feel about all the women that were attacked after I was".

"So I've been waiting to feel less angry and when I am ready, I will say what I have to say". She called it a "deathbox"-the seat wasn't attached properly, the road was made of sand, it wasn't straight, and Tarantino wanted her to drive 40 miles per hour". In a statement to The Times, Weinstein denied making the threat but acknowledged "making a pass at Ms. Thurman in England after misreading her signals in Paris". By her account, her forced her face first onto the bed and tried to get himself unclothed. But he didn't actually put his back into it and force me. She claimed she went to a meeting in Weinstein's Paris hotel room when he came out in a bathrobe and asked her to follow him into his steam room. The video has since been shared by Thurman with the film's director, Quentin Tarantino, and published in the Times piece.

The latest claims were reported to police on November 13 by a woman who said she was assaulted in London in 2011, and on a separate occasion outside the United Kingdom in 2010. "He told me the door was locked but I never ran over and tried the knob".

Weinstein had months ago denied allegations of nonconsensual sex and apologized for past behavior towards "colleagues." "I said, 'This is ridiculous, what are you doing?'" Uma recalls. She alleged that he tried to expose himself to her and that she saved herself from the attack by wriggling away. When questioned about the allegations themselves, Weinstein's spokesperson claims "her claims about being physically assaulted are untrue", and that "this is the first time we are hearing that she considered Mr. Weinstein an enemy and the pictures of their history tell a completely different story". Despite repeatedly insisting she be given footage of the crash, Tarantino and Miramax, Weinstein's production company, refused unless she sign away the right to hold them responsible for "any consequences of [her] future pain and suffering". She also claimed that Tarantino put her in unsafe conditions on the set of Kill Bill, resulting in a vehicle crash that left her neck "permanently damaged" and her knees "screwed up".

Thurman also claims to have told Tarantino of the incident, which led the filmmaker to confront Weinstein who then apologised to the actress.

In footage posted by the Times, the actress is seen speeding down an unpaved road before crashing into a tree.

Uma Thurman was one of many parties affected by the seemingly countless tales of sexual assault and harassment that began to pour forth from Hollywood back in October.

Stand-up comedienne and actress Cameron Esposito, 36, also weighed in with 'Uma Thurman with the truth, ' along with her own link to the interview.

Herman said that when Thurman was able to talk again, she revealed that Weinstein had threatened to ruin her career.

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