April 21, 2018

General Motors unveils plan to release 20 electric vehicles by 2023

03 October 2017, 08:04 | Lorenzo Hawkins

General Motors to ramp up electric vehicle plans, 20 new models planned over next 6 years

Flags fly outside the General Motors world headquarters building

It early this year launched a joint venture with Honda to begin producing fuel-cell stacks that could be used in vehicles as well as stationary power systems.

In addition to the 10,000 electric cars, it will also roll out almost 100,000 electric auto rickshaws and buses in the next few weeks.

GM said its future electric vehicles will utilize batteries or hydrogen fuel cells.

GM has previously announced plans to make some of its future electric vehicles capable of driving themselves in robot taxi fleets. And it promised an increase in the number of electric fast-charging stations in the USA, which now total 1,100 from companies and governments, taking a shot at electric competitor Tesla saying the system would not be "walled off" from electric vehicles made by other manufacturers. Some, such as Volvo, intend to only offer electrified drivelines, others, such as Volkswagen, say they will have electrified options available on all future models.

The Bolt, the first all-electric vehicle aimed at the middle market, now faces competition from Tesla's Model 3, which has won admiration among many environmentalists and auto aficionados as a leader in new auto technologies.

To that end, the company revealed a design for a new heavy-duty vehicle platform that would be powered by fuel-cell and dual electric motors, called "SURUS", or "Silent Utility Rover Universal Superstructure".

But this week may top it, thanks to one single, massive announcement: General Motors is dumping gasoline in favor of an electric future.

GM hasn't announced what the two new electric cars will be, but it's expected that one of them will be a Bolt-based Buick electric auto. Pam Fletcher, who leads GM's autonomous- and electric-vehicle development programs, said that GM is planning efforts to expand the availability of fast-recharging stations for its customers.

GM shares were up 4%, to $42, though most of those gains came ahead of the news.

The first 500 electric vehicles will be supplied to EESL in November and the remainder will be delivered in the second phase, it said.

The automaker said not all of GM's electric vehicles will use batteries, some will use hydrogen gas instead.

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